What is microblading?

Microblading is the technique of using semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows that gives long lasting, natural looking results.

Microblading uses individual hair strokes, made by hand, using natural, safe and non-toxic pigments to give clients the brows of their dreams. Microblading utilises a lighter touch than tattooing; pigments are not placed as deep into the skin, meaning that they gently fade away after around 12-18 months

Roya takes an artistic approach to microblading her clients’ eyebrows – she works with them to truly understand their personal style and what they hope to achieve for their brow look. She conducts thorough permanent makeup consultations, to ensure that her clients leave with the brows they had always dreamed of.

Roya’s skills as an artist ensures that your microbladed brows work with your face, not against it, taking into consideration your unique facial features and proportions for the best possible result